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- S.O.R.T -

Known as the Specal Operations Reconnaissance team. Was a government private security unit founded during the U.S military campaign Operation Iraqi Freedom to counter Ied, vbc, and vehicular attacks.


S.O.R.T Was created in Iraq as a tactical counter measure to covertly gather intelligence against insurgent forces to help reduce cassualties of military and SECURITY contractor personell while on convoy escorts to the GZ


While serving on behalf of the Department of defense, have served on various government contracts ranging from Camp bondsteel Kosovo Force Protection, Eulex police tactical training in Prishtina, soc-smg Rapid Response Team on camp lbierty in iraq, and served as an iraqi sf trainer to local forces on camp dublin. My training background is WPSS Triple Canopy, Itt-G4s, Police-SWAT Accademy in Michigan, and the U.S Army.



I established this "online team" for those whom work in Military and Law Enforcement to train online virtually in a simulation form. This helps to practice critical decission making, team movement & evasion tactics via RainbowSix Ravenshield, and RainbowSix Siege as in a form of a simulation.


We use the online "SORT Training Facility Map" as a virtual simulation to test our team movement, environmental awareness drills, & tactics.


NOTE: If you would like Realistic/Online/Special Forces Type Training online; send me a message at [email protected] and I will be happy to dicuss the details with you further. Thanks! and Welcome to SORT Online.


~ Corey

FPS Familiarization Reflex Drill

FAQ: S.O.R.T Was created in Iraq as a intelligence gather tactical unit established to help reduce cassualties during Foreign National/Dignitary escorts through Iraq

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A Real World Unit  Brought  Into The Gaming World

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S.O.C Rapid Repsonse Team

(Baghdad, Iraq)

Black Water / Triple Canopy

S.O.R.T 2012

S.O.R.T - Iraq

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